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I'm Mélie, your gastronomic guide

I’m a French woman in her early thirties.

I grew up in Brittany, near the most western point of France, close to the shore where my childhood was nurtured by stories of sailors and explorers. And fish.

First I studied languages as it’s the first passport to travel. I focussed on English and Spanish. To fulfill my growing interest in gastronomy and in traveling, I worked in numerous restaurants in many different French regions. At this point, I’m sure you can imagine what came next…WINE !

Then I studied in the « Université du vin », the oldest wine school of France to become a Sommelier.

I’m now living this exciting adventure of working for myself as a wine merchant and a guide of French Gastronomy.

In 2021, I joined Marion in the Beaujolais region, "A Taste of French" was born and it's the perfect set up to combine all my passions and share them with you.

How we enjoy Gastronomy together

French gastronomy may look like a big chapter, but you really don’t have to be a « connoisseur » to be curious about wine nor an accomplished chef to like cooking. During the Wine Experience, the Cooking Sessions and the Gastronomic Breaks, I will adapt the recipes, themes of the wine tastings and excursions to your wishes or special diets. There are plenty of choices ! 

English or French, the language will be your choice too. In English if it feels more comfortable or if you want to enjoy this time with friends and family ; or in French, if you want to practise. In that case, I will be patient and supportive of your learning process.

My main focus is on natural wines as I think they can offer beautiful experiences and most profound expressions of the "terroirs". I always love discovering new wines and understanding their stories so I can share them with my students as we unravel the mysteries of French wine.

To me, there is no right or wrong when it comes to taste or perception. The most important is that you feel at ease and confident to share and learn while having a good time : my role is only to guide you in this amazing adventure. 


"Mélie is also a consummate chef. She prepared an outstanding tasting menu on my first day"

Diogo, USA


"Her enthusiasm was infectious and this made her extensive knowledge of oenology so very interesting"

Vicky & Dylis, France

Bring home the experience 

As I mentioned earlier I’m also a wine merchant, so you ‘ll have the possibility to purchase wine during your visit with the "D'ACCORDS" wineboxes

natural wine box

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