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Diogo - Immersion + wine experience + Gastronomic break

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

4 months ago I returned to Haut Beaujolais for the third time for another week of French immersion. This time in addition to my french course, I had the pleasure of participating in Melie's "Selections d'Accords-Vins Vivant."

It was a magnificent experience, where I deepened my appreciation for new and and exceptional wines of the region. Most of the wines were organic and artisanal. She reviewed methodically all aspects of wine tasting. Melie is also a consummate chef. She prepared an outstanding tasting menu on my first day. Besides wine tasting classes, we visited wineries and wine caves in Beaujolais and Jura. We also had superb dinners in some of the best regional restaurants.

The week went faster than anticipated as it was so delightful.

I have great memories of this fantastic experience and highly recommend a visit to this piece of paradise where you combine relaxation in a pastoral homestead with an intense but super fun French immersion course and magical tour of wine and gastronomy.

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