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Ian - Immersion + wine experience

I had a lovely time in Beaujolais immersed in the French countryside, learning french and trying different wines. I opted for purely oral practice and each day, after a leisurely breakfast, Marion and I walked through the nearby forests talking and playing word games, which really filled me with confidence to converse in French, followed by a delightful lunch. The first morning we visited the local market and I stocked up on enough fresh vegetables and fruit for the week, all the while practicing talking French with the locals. I also did the Beaujolais wine experience with Mélie which comprised a delicious dinner the first nigh

t with wine pairing, a trip to Chateau de Pizay where they have an interesting and fun way to learn about wine tasting, plus two wine tasting sessions with Mélie.

With both the immersion course and the wine experience, I really maximised my time speaking French and I was very happy with my progress. The apartment is great with everything I needed, great views and surrounded by nature.


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