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Jane, Ari & Ted - Immersion + Wine pairing dinner

We’re so glad we found Marion and Melie for our week of French immersion. An online connection always carries a little anxiety, but this was a wonderful week from the moment we arrived. Marion and Melie were warm, funny, and so very welcoming. The French studies in the mornings with Marion were clearly well-prepared but she also quickly adapted them to our learning levels and was ready to adjust the schedule to our needs. On a more personal note, the two of them just made us feel at home to the point that we are still missing our French farm set so beautifully in the hay fields and vineyards. Local foods and wines are obviously important to them and fresh veggies and homemade jams from their garden were served at every meal, paired with wines chosen by the oeno-encyclopedic Melie, to coin a phrase. Be sure to ask for Marion’s pickled tomatoes. We had originally thought we would visit Lyon with them as a field trip, but on the very first evening we knew we just wanted to be in this place every day of our week there. We learned so much more than just French grammar - our conversations at meals about politics, wines, history, foods, and culture were a highlight - the kind of personal exchange that can be the best part of travel.


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