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Lucy - Immersion + wine experience

Wow! What an amazing experience to spend a week with Marion and Mélie in this idyllic area of France. My spoken French is really at more of a beginning level and conversation was my focus. They were both extremely patient with me, helping me learn in a supportive environment. Three hours of French instruction plus breakfast and lunch together was easily over four hours of Immersion each day. Plus four out of five days I was there I had excursions or time with Mélie. The immersion was exactly what I was looking for.

Marion was an extremely knowledgeable guide in Lyon and at the Chateau at Cormatin. I love history and both experiences really were incredible for me. Coming from Canada made me truly appreciative of the incredibly rich and long history in France.

I highly recommend the wine experience. Not only did I get at least 12 hours more of French Immersion, I learned so much about wine and the art of being a sommelier. Mélie is definitely gifted in this area. I was worried that my lack of experience would be uncomfortable but she teaches in a way that builds from one day to the next and built my confidence along the way.

It is a little off the beaten path but after being in Bordeaux and Paris provided me the opportunity to see another very real side of France.


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