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Language program

Come and experience the French rural life at your teacher’s home !

A week of immersion is the best way to boost your French while having a wonderful time. The language program is designed to give you lots of opportunities to practise French in a relaxed atmosphere. You'll have the full attention of a private teacher during your stay. It's time to enjoy the French way of life !

We offer 2 different programs that you can choose from, depending on the intensity you’re looking for :

  • The Classic program is designed to give you numerous opportunities to practice French with your teacher as well as allowing you time for yourself and for you to try one of our gastronomic experiences.

  • The Intensive Program will give you more formal lessons, it is recommended if you don't take the French cuisine offer and you want to have more opportunities of conversation.

Marion will be your host and teacher during that program and Mélie, your gastronomic guide if you choose any of our foodie offers.

" From not being sure how to even have the most basic conversation, by the end of the week I felt like I had improved unrecognizably " Harry, Australia

The Week Immersion Program includes :

Private lessons tailored to your needs

with Marion in the morning

from Monday to Friday

Classical Program : 10 hours (2hours/day)

Intensive Program: 15 hours (3hours/day)

Accomodation in your own independant flat on the 1st floor of our house

with spectacular views

Included in both the Classical and

Intensive Program 

Organized cultural excursions

of your choice in the region

(entry fees not included) 

Classical program : 1 excursion

Intensive program : 2 excursions

Shared lunch with your tutor:

 prepared with fresh and

local produce

Included in both the Classical and 

Intensive Program

The immersion week is not only the fastest way to improve your French skills, you will also experience French culture off the beaten path and discover the secret gems of Beaujolais.

To get more, we offer various activities related to gastronomy. Et voilà!

wine expérience

Wine experience :

Are you curious about wine ? 

If the answer is yes, this is a very unique opportunity to spend time with a certified and passionate French sommelier during your immersion : activities face-to-face especially designed to give a boost to your delight and full scope to your next dinner parties !


The Wine Experience includes a wine pairing dinner at home, 2 tasting sessions and an extra excursion related to wine :

  • During the tastings you will discover with Mélie how to taste wine like a professional, with a method that will adapt step by step to your palate. It’s an excellent exercise to focus freely on your own senses.

  • The dinner will give you a practical overview of the art of pairing wine with food. 

  • As to the excursion related to wine, it’s an open door to the multiple wonders of Beaujolais. You’ll see that Beaujolais Nouveau is barely the tip of the iceberg… Visit a famous domain, discover the vineyard, get to know better this exceptional « terroir » : one of the cradles of natural wines in France by the way.


1 Wine pairing Dinner

Enjoy a wine pairing dinner with three courses and 3 wines selected especially to learn about the "art of wine pairing"

2 Wine tastings

At the hour of "apéro" Mélie will help you experience 3 different wines, guiding you into a professionnal wine tasting method

1 extra excursion

You'll have an extra guided excursion about wine (wine museum, visit a winery, guided walk into the vineyards)

Your palate training will come along with practical games and challenges : a lot of fun and surprises ahead ! Remember that tasting a wine is just like when you encounter someone, there is no right or wrong, just perception.


This Wine Experience, as the Cooking Sessions are also a very good way to add conversational time in French, with the specific vocabulary related to wine and food.

Of course, Mélie will take your French level into account.

She can also speak in English if you prefer or if you want to share this time with your English-speaking family / friends.

wine class
cookig classes

French Cuisine

Whether you're a new-comer or an enthusiast, you are welcome in our kitchen !

The Cooking Sessions will carry you into a traditional French kitchen : with full access to our cookbook filled with famous recipes from all over France.

Fresh, local and seasonal are the keywords regarding the produce. Generous, delicious and friendly are the ones we like to see at our table.

You will cook with Mélie in the second part of the morning, after your lesson with Marion.

4 hands-on cooking sessions of 1.5 hour from Monday to Thursday, sharing stories, tips and tricks...

It’s also a very good way to review the names of the ingredients, utensils, cooking verbs, figures for the weight measurement, etc. 

On Friday, you will enjoy a lunch at one of the best tables of the region with your 2 tutors, a good opportunity to explore the local cuisine and celebrate together your progress of the week.

à la carte





cooking class






Bon appétit !

Time to take a sit and enjoy together the result of your work for lunch

Gourme combo

Gourmet Combo

Our special offer for wine and food lovers

This special offer includes both the Wine Experience and French Cuisine. It will be an intense week about French gastronomy with a lot of extra time conversing in French and it will give you the chance to discuss in detail the "art" of wine pairing along the week.


And you, what will be your choice ?

See you soon for a week with us "à la française"

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