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Our Philosophy

As we are going to spend lots of time together, we thought it would be good to share with you

our way of life in the beautiful French countryside

Our garden : inspired by permaculture, we have a large organic garden with a natural spring. It still needs a bit of planting but it’s getting prettier every year with new fruit trees and a vegetable patch that’s more and more productive. To keep some biodiversity, we leave some areas to native plants and wildlife.

vegetables from the garden
local produces

Local producers : we love to shop locally and we’re very lucky with producers that are mindful of nature around our house, thanks to all of them we can cook seasonal recipes with fresh and tasty produces.

Our pet : We have a young cat, Titi, who is always happy to have new friends petting him !!

Sadly, Kenji, our old dog passed away last Summer.

cat lover

Our car : we think objects should be fixed and repaired as much as possible before being thrown away and that’s why we’ve been taking very good care of our old "road companion" : a 1996 Honda. She will proudly drive you across all the scenic routes if you'd rather not rent a car.

road companion
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