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Janice & Justin - Immersion + Gourmet Combo

What a fantastic experience!  I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet Marion and Melie.   Marion is a wonderful French teacher.  She’s patient and encouraging and she made stepping outside of my comfort zone to converse for long periods of time in French not only doable but fun.   I especially enjoyed going for beautiful strolls through the forest while we chatted away in French on a wide range of topics.     

My husband and I also joined Melie for cooking lessons and wine tasting.   Melie’s passion for both really shone through.   With her guidance, we cooked absolutely delicious and fresh French dishes and learned how to use all of our senses to taste wine like a professional.   

Not only are Marion and Melie fantastic teachers, but the location is fantastic too.  Deux-Grosnes is so peaceful and charming, and easy to get to from Lyon.   Spending a week there was a delight.    I highly recommend A Taste of French and can’t wait to go back!


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